Upcoming Education Opportunities

Upcoming Webinars:

Diversity on the Bench
The Oregon Judges Association has invited OACA members to attend an upcoming webinar they are putting on: Celebrating Diversity on the Bench: What You Wish You Knew About Neurodiversity.  This webinar will be on June 28th, 2024 12-1pm.  You will need to register to attend the webinar here: 2024 Spring CLE Series Registration (google.com)  1 hour of OACA Education Credit in Personnel/People Skills will be allowed for OACA members that attend (credit area TBD).  You will need to email the Education VPs within 1 week of the webinar notifying them that you attended and what you learned from the session.


NACM Podcasts:

Artificial Intelligence in Courts
During the RAP Session at our Spring Conference a question that came up was regarding utilizing AI in courts.  NACM has produced two podcast episodes on this topic: Artificial Intelligence and the Courts: Promise or Peril? and Artificial Intelligence and the Courts: Omen or Opportunity.

Courts & Self-Service: How Much Do We Tell Litigants
NACM also just released a new episode on their podcast today talking about Courts & Self Service: How Much Do We Tell Litigants.  This episode sounds like a great opportunity to hear from other courts on how they walk that fine line of not giving legal advice.

You do not have to be a member of NACM to listen to their podcasts.  You can check out NACM's podcasts here

NACM podcasts may be eligible for OACA Education Credit.  You would need to submit an Outside Training Credit Request to the Education VPs. (Credit requests should be rounded to the nearest whole or half-hour.)